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Trenchard Museum 2020

Cool Aeronautics are one or half day events organised by the Trenchard Museum, RAF Halton in conjunction with the careers and  educational team of the Royal Aeronautical Society. They are designed for primary school groups Year 5 (age 9/10) and Year 6 (aged 10/11), and include talks on Aerospace and Aviation with interactive workshops promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

A Cool Aeronautics event comprises a number of activities selected from a menu and subject to availability. Examples are as follows: Introductory Talk: Exciting life of an RAF Typhoon Jet Fighter Pilot + Learn how to fly on a high tech Flight Simulator + How do aeroplanes fly? + Wind Tunnel Aerodynamics + How aircraft engines work (Suck! Squeeze! Bang! Blow!) + Sit in a RED ARROWS JET + Understand Cockpit Instruments + Navigation (Plot a course) + Introduction to using Hand Tools + Make and take home a Model Plane + Create Electronic Circuits and launch flying discs + History of Flight + Commemorate the Battle of Britain and direct Spitfires in the Control Room + Be a Wireless Operator (send your message around the world) + Future Careers in Engineering and Aerospace + MORE ! ! !

Contact Details: If your School is interested please make initial contact with the Cool Aeronautics Team onTel: 01296 656841 or completion and submission of the Visit/Query Form. Click here