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Trenchard Museum 2018


The collection of exhibits has grown to include a myriad of artefacts including complete aircraft, aircraft cockpits, aero engines, simulators and a range of displays, models and memorabilia which illustrate life, training and notable events in the aircraft apprentice history.

In the main Trenchard Museum building you can trace the history of RAF Halton as a training establishment from its first use by the Royal Flying Corps and their early experimental biplanes through to the modern day Royal Air Force. You can experience first hand what it was like to sit in a Gnat training aircraft, learn how aero-engine and gun technology progressed and see some of the tools made and used by apprentices during their training course. The museum holds numerous apprentice archives for reference.

In the James McCudden Flight Heritage Centre building nearby you will see a Grasshopper Glider and several original Link Trainers, including an ex RAF WW2 D2 version, used to teach instrument flying. You can also experience what it was like to sit in a Chipmunk training aircraft before moving nearby to a cockpit simulator to experience real flight in a Chipmunk aircraft.  The Aerodynamics Section displays three wind tunnels, two of which are the table top type and the third is a classroom type. The wind tunnels and other devices are used to show the generation of lift and associated drag which includes: Lift Augumentation, High Lift Devices, Stability, Aircraft Control, Aircraft Trim, Aircraft Structural Layout and combinations of the aforementioned. Click here to see Exhibits in detail.